The Cat Flat is up for sale

The Cat Flat became a viral success. Take hold of the world’s first non-ugly cat furniture on auction right now.

On November 29th, in conjunction with the Swedish Cat Day, the world’s first non-ugly cat furniture The Cat Flat is now being auctioned out at Tradera, after the huge international success. The changes Covid-19 has brought does not only affect us humans. Many cats are also affected by the changes in our daily routine that make us stay at home even more, so much it can lead to behavioral changes means Cat psychologist Susanne Hellman Holmström. To shed light on the question of how we use our homes and at the same time raise money for homeless cats, we sell The Cat Flat.

Auction for homeless cats

The Cat Flat is being auctioned out on Tradera starting November 29th and will be finished December 6th. Swedish and International bidders are welcome to participate. The money raised will be donated to Djurhemsförbundet, a supportive foundation for pets, with 36 connected pet homes around Sweden. The donation to the Djurhemsförbundet can be earmarked to make sure that the earnings goes to stimulating furniture for cats. Shipping is included within the Stockholm region. Purchase outside Stockholm and Sweden will demand transport arranged and paid for by the buyer.

Participate in the auction

The auction is being held on the Swedish auction site Tradera. Create an account and participate in the auction for The world's first non-ugly cat furniture.

Make room for a bigger life with your cat